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BLACK TOURMALINE XL Exra Large Raw Chunk - Grounding Root Chakra Crystal

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XL Black Tourmaline raw natural crystal

One (1) raw, rough, untumbled Black Tourmaline crystal chunk - approximately 3"

Metaphysical Properties of Black Tourmaline:

* Repel Negative Energy
* Grounding
* Protection
* Root Chakra Stone

Black Tourmaline, often called Schorl in folkore, has a natural cracked and layered appearance. Some pieces have small inclusions of crystal quartz or other minerals attached. A few have really pretty silver mineral deposits within them. This is the natural way that Black Tourmaline forms. Some pieces are long and thin, while others are more square and chunky. Each raw Black Tourmaline chunk is completely unique in size and shape.

NOTE: You will not get the exact crystal in the photos, but one similar, as these are stock photos that I take. None of the props that I use in my photos are included or offered for sale. The piece you receive will be intuitively chosen for you. I cleanse and inspect every crystal before offering it to you. Your crystal will come in an organza bag with metaphysical information about it.