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Violet Flame Candle - Let Go Of, Release & Clear Old Karmic Debt from Past Lives - St Germain

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Are you carrying around burdens, shame or guilt that you're ready to let go of? Is old karma from your past lives holding you back now? Sending old feelings and past karmic energy to what's called the "Violet Flame", made popular by St. Germain, is a great way to energetically cleanse yourself.

Envision a purple fire. Everything that enters this purple fire will burn up and be transmuted into love. You can send anything you are tired of carrying into this Violet Flame and release it forever.

I wrote a poem to honor the Violet Flame that I put on the label for you to recite.

I make this candle so that it's easier and more special for you to conduct your own releasing ceremonies anytime you wish. They're popular among small groups doing healing work.

Scent: Violet with a hint of campfire smoke
Color: Purple
Size: 6 oz metal tin
Burn Time: 40 hours

Also available in Violet Flame Spray

Handpoured in small batches and charged with intention.

Sold as a curio. No specific results are implied or guaranteed.