Turquoise Nugget Kingman Arizona, Native American "Sky Stone" Spiritual Wisdom, Good Fortune & Peace

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Turquoise - Stone of Strength, Spiritual Wisdom, Blessing & Good Fortune

Arizona Turquoise is my absolute favorite stone! I love them all, but Turquoise is closest to my heart and the one I personally wear all the time.

When I was a child, my grandma lived in Arizona and she used to send me turquoise and abalone jewelry from the nearby Apache Reservation. She was part Native American, and she treasured any jewelry made with turquoise or abalone. She wore pieces of it every day. I picked up her love of it. I believe she's smiling at me from the other side of the veil now that I'm offering Turquoise nuggets and abalone shells in my shop. I think of her every time someone orders them :)

I never knew why, but from the moment I got my first Turquoise necklace, I felt so drawn to it, like it was "my soul's stone". As I grew up, my love for it always remained. As I began working with healing crystals, I was fond of them all but still had this particular obsession with Turquoise. After studying it, I realize I'm not the only one who feels so drawn to it. It's one of the oldest, most prized stones in the world who's lore dates back over 6000 years. Native Americans have called it "Sky Stone" and think of it as a symbol from Father Sky. It's a symbol of blessing, protection, good fortune, peace, friendship and a long, happy life. So if you're really drawn to Turquoise too, your soul may be giving it to you as a gift to help you grow into your best self.

Turquoise isn't easy to find, but I was recently able to source some good quality nuggets from the Kingman mine in Kingman, AZ.

Each Turquoise stone is totally unique. The shades vary from light to deep blue and each has various amounts of copper veins running through it. Turquoise stones don't come in round shapes, but rather irregular, triangular or arrow shaped.

Hint: Whenever you see smooth, round or perfect looking "Turquoise" or any big pieces in jewelry that are cheaply priced, it's usually Dyed Blue Howlite, not genuine Turquoise.

These turquoise nuggets are the real deal. I was so fortunate to be able to stop by the mine in Kingman, Arizona while I was on vacation and hand pick these seafoam / teal blue (my favorite shade of Turquoise) polished nuggets directly from the mining company!! :)