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Throat Chakra Necklace - Blue Mandala Vishuddha Pendant - Speak Up For Yourself & Be Able to Say No

Throat Chakra Necklace - Blue Mandala Vishuddha Pendant - Speak Up For Yourself & Be Able to Say No


Throat Chakra Vishuddha Pendant

Wear this blue mandala necklace to help you open and clear your Throat Chakra. Your Throat Chakra is where your ability to speak up for yourself, set boundaries and communicate clearly through speaking, writing and teachin are housed. People with "Throat Chakra Issues" usually either don't speak up for themselves or talk too much and they can't say no and overload themselves with stuff other people ask them to do that they don't want to do. They also keep their value and wisdom to themselves out of fear of speaking up and sharing their voice because they were told as children to shut up and their opinion doesn't matter. Working with your Throat Chakra can help you fix this along your spiritual journey in this life. See my other Chakra Rx products like sprays, oils and stones that are tools meant for opening and clearing your Throat Chakra. My descriptions in those listings may have more information for you as well.

Also sold in my set of 7 Chakra Pendants

There are a lot of wildly colorful pendants out there with standard sanskrit chakra symbols. I was trying to create something different for you. My chakra pendants feature a colored mandala but are they're faded out, tea-stained or antique looking and don't scream "Hey, I'm working on balancing my chakras!" lol. You can wear them with any outfit and they are simple, eye-catching and beautiful. People will love them and comment on them that don't even know what a chakra is :)

I use an artwork print, set in glass-like epoxy resin with a shiny finish. Your necklace will come ready to wear on a 24" Antique Bronze Ball Chain. You can easily cut it to whatever length you'd like with a pair of regular scissors, by snipping off the excess length. Or you can slip it onto any other chain you'd like.
Sending this as a gift?

It comes gift boxed in a brown kraft jewelry box tied with purple raffia ribbon. I never put prices in my packages and I will gladly include your personalized note to the person you're sending it to if you include it in the notes section on your order.

Each pendant is handmade. I strive for perfection in my work, however sometimes when working with resin and inks, there are slight imperfections in the finish, making each piece unique. Your pendant will be made with the same artwork and technique as the one in the photo. Thank you for understanding.

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