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TAURUS Candle April 20 - May 20, The Bull Zodiac Symbol

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Taurus Candle

Handmade soy candle in a 6 oz metal travel tin with lid .

About Taurus
Birth dates: April 20 - May 20
Zodiac Symbol: Bull
Element: Earth (Fixed)
Ruling Planet: Venus
Opposite Sign: Scorpio

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac. The Bull is as steady and stable as they come. Taurus are known to be very trustworthy, careful and supportive. They can also be quite moody, stubborn and not too quick to jump into action. Taurus are known to be very good at planning for the long term. Taurus are also known to have expensive taste and a love of the finer things in life.

Taurus Candle Scent: For Taurus, I chose a blend of warm vanilla and spicy nutmeg. To me this blend represents the casual elegance and earthy nature of the Bull. This scent is very warm and comforting, like a Taurus snuggled up on the couch as it’s their favorite way to unwind.

Great birthday gift for an astrology lover!
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