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SWEET DREAMS CANDLE - For Meditation & Relaxing Your Mind

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Sweet Dreams Candle

Light this candle while intending to have more vivid visions while you meditate or sleep, that you easily remember when you wake.

If you're having trouble sleeping, sometimes doing a little ritual before bed to set your intentions on calming your mind and experiencing a restful nights sleep can help. Don't leave the candle burning while you're asleep though.

The Sweet Dreams Candle is the same amazing scent as my Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray. It's rich, deep, sweet and spicy all at the same time. The blend is very complex and hard to describe, it doesn't smell like anything I can think of to compare it to, but cocoa & vanilla are prominent notes. Everyone that smells it falls in love with it's intriguing and surreal scent - I've even have several people use this as body spray because it smells so good!

Sweet Dreams Candle

  • Scent: Sweet & Spicy blend
  • Color: Teal Blue
  • Symbol: Dream catcher
  • Size: 6 oz metal tin with lid
  • Burn Time: 40+ hours
  • Handmade with love

Can also be used to relax your mind, body and soul to prepare for
- Shamanic Journey work
- Astral travel
- Working with your Spirit Guides

Also available

Also available in the Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray