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SACRED SMUDGE SPRAY - Energy Clearing Sage Mist with Black Tourmaline & Crystal Quartz

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Smudging is a ritual to clear energy and purify your space. Traditionally, you'd burn dried white sage, or another herb to smudge. This is a wonderful and widely used technique for getting rid of unwanted negative energy in your home. However, it's not always feasible to do so. Some people simply can't smudge using dried sage due to allergies or restrictions on burning things in apartment building, office, etc...I created this Sacred Smudge Spray as a quick and convenient alternative to smudging. Great for healers to quickly clear the energy in your office space between clients. Safe for use as a body spray too!

I created this spray in small batches using spring water, Clary Sage essential oil and balance it out with Sweetgrass and Cedar fragrance oils to create a great smelling Sage, Sweetgrass & Cedar blend. I charge each small batch with powerful intentions to help you clear your space.

I'm often asked if sacred smudge spray is as good as burning dried sage for smudging. No, of course not. But when you can't burn sage, and you use it with intention, it's the next best thing! :)  It's great for your home, office, car or using between clients to clear your space of unwanted energy.

Generous 4 oz cobalt blue plastic bottle with sprayer and cap. The back of the bottle includes instructions on how to smudge your space.

Handcrafted by Scentual Goddess