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SACRED SPACE SET - Create Sacred Space For Meditation or Your Special Rituals

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Create your own Sacred Space for meditation, journaling, intention setting, yoga or self care rituals.

An important part of any ritual is to first create a Sacred Space in your mind. Simply mist the air with this sweet and earthy dragons blood incense scented mist or light this Sacred Space candle as you set your intentions for tuning out all distractions and using this time with purpose, passion and intention.

You'll get one spray and candle - you can choose from a 2 oz spray (convenient for carrying in your purse, or the larger 4 oz spray to frequently use as a room spray.

Sacred Space Spray

  • Can be used as Meditation Mist, Pillow Spray, Body Spray or Room Spray
  • Scent: Dragons Blood
  • Ingredients: Purified water & fragrance oil
  • 2 oz or 4 oz purple plastic spray bottle

Sacred Space Candle

  • Scent: Dragons Blood incense
  • Color: Purple
  • Size: 6 oz metal tin
  • Contains 100% USA Soy wax
  • Burn Time: 45-50 hours
  • Handmade with love

Sacred Space is also available in the Enlightened Soul Spray Set or the Enlightened Soul Candle Set

Kokopelli Symbol:

I know he has many meanings, but I chose Kokopelli because he's playing his ceremonial flute, which to me symbolizes a sacred space is set up and something special is about to happen. I feel he represents co-creating with spirit well.