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SACRED SPACE SET - Create Sacred Space For Ceremonies Meditation or Special Rituals - Kokopelli

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An important part of any spiritual ritual is to first create a Sacred Space in your mind, body, spirit and physical environment where you are practicing your personal ritual. Meditation is a daily spiritual ritual which greatly benefits from setting up a Sacred Space before you begin. Simply light this Sacred Space candle or use the spray anytime you wish to intentionally set up a Sacred Space for yourself. Makes a great gift for any spiritual enthusiast!

Both the candle and spray feature ancient tribal Kokopelli playing his ceremonial flute, to symbolize creating a sacred space for ceremony.

The scent of both the candle and spray are a sweet, earthy incense blend - it smells Divine! I handcraft these in small batches and charge them with intention.

Scent: Sweet, earthy incense type blend
Color: Purple
Size: 6 oz metal tin
Contains 100% USA Soy wax
Burn Time: 40 hours


Scent: sweet, earthy incense blend
Size: 4 oz cobalt plastic spray bottle
Contains: Premium fragrance and purified water - no added chemicals

I adorn the bottles with a silver charm and hemp cord. Charms may vary depending on what stock I have on hand - but I like to use a key as a symbol of unlocking the Sacred Space within you.

Handmade in small batches