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SACRED SAGE SMUDGE STICK - Ultimate Trio of White Sage, Yerba Santa & Blue Sage, Shaman Tool

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SACRED SAGE ~ Trio of White Sage, Yerba Santa & Blue Sage

This is the ultimate combo of smudging herbs all in one smudge bundle! White sage, Yerba Santa and Blue Sage come together to form a powerful smudge stick to cleanse your space and restore good vibes. 

White Sage ~ Provides the main base for effectively cleansing negative energy from your space
Yerba Santa ~ Brings in healing, protection and aids you with tapping into your intuition and connection to spirit
Blue Sage ~ Offers a soothing energy that helps relax you

A Sacred Sage Bundle is the perfect tool to use before meditation, energy healing work or psychic development work. Sacred sage smudge sticks serve as a shaman tool or wiccan smudge ritual tool to prepare for your magical work.

Smudging with sacred sage creates a purifying smoke that clears away negative energy and remove unwanted spirits from your space. It' a great way to restore good vibes to your home.

These are really nice, thick smudge sticks that burn beautifully. Each sacred sage smudge stick is hand tied by me with Egyptian cotton string. Each sacred sage wand will perform several smudging sessions for you. They can be re-lit many times until gone.

You'll receive ONE Sacred Sage Smudge Stick - approximately 5" long and 1" thick.