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Sacral Chakra Oil - Sweet Orange Scent + Carnelian Healing Crystals - Creative Expression & Feminine Power

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Aromatherapy oil for use during meditation, yoga or any type of emotional healing work to help open, balance and expand the energy in your Sacral Chakra.

Chakra Oil Details:

  • Scent: Sweet Orange
  • Crystals: Carnelian
  • Clear label with Sacral Chakra Symbol
  • Sacral Chakra Affirmation "I Express my Creativity"
  • Ingredients: Coconut oil & premium fragrance (Phthalate-free, no preservatives or added chemicals)
  • Size: 1/3 oz roll-on glass bottle with black plastic screw on cap
  • Handmade with love

Basic Sacral Chakra Info:

Sacral Chakra:
Also called Svadhisthana, Naval, 2nd or Orange Chakra
Chakra color: Orange
Location: 2" below your belly button
Aspects it Controls: Creativity, Emotions & Self-Expression
Reasons you’d want to clear your Sacral Chakra include emotional trauma you've experienced, blockages to your creative expression, or tapping into your feminine energy.

Tips for clearing your Sacral Chakra:

Sit or lay down in a comfortable position.  Roll a little Sacral Chakra Oil on your wrist and inhale the warm, earthy amber scent.  Maybe even dab a little just below your belly button, on your Sacral Chakra.  Relax and visualize an orange ball of light slowly rotating in your lower stomach.  Try to imagine this ball of light growing bigger and brighter.  Imagine all of the heavy emotions you’ve been carrying around with you over the years just melting away.  I like to picture a magnet out in front of me that magically draws out this old, dark energy.  When you feel like you’ve let everything you can go in this moment, picture that orange light getting even bigger and brighter.  Say to yourself "I don't need to lug around that heavy stuff anymore.  It no longer serves me.  I choose now to let it go.  I am creative. I am free!"

With this listing you will receive one 1/3 oz bottle of Sacral Chakra Oil.  

It is also available as part of the 7 Chakra Oils Set , Other tools to help you work with your Sacral Chakra: Sacral Chakra Candle or Sacral Chakra Spray

Ways to use Chakra Oil:
- Inhale the scent anytime you need a boost of energy for a particular chakra
- Apply it directly to the area of your chakra during meditation, yoga or healing work
- Wear it as a perfume to help you during any type of emotional healing work you’re doing