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Root Chakra Spray - Security, Grounding & Manifestation - Teak & Cardamom Scent with Black Tourmaline

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Root Chakra Spray with Black Tourmaline & Rose Quartz

  • Security, Grounding & Manifestation
  • Scent: Teak & Cardamom
  • Crystals: Black Tourmaline
  • Color: Red
  • Sanskrit Symbol: Muladhara 1st Chakra

Some ways you can use your Chakra Rx Spray:

  • Chakra balancing energy work
  • Meditation ambiance enhancer
  • Yoga mat spray
  • Body Spray, Room Spray, Pillow Spray

Ingredients:  purified water, fragrance oil & tiny healing crystals. Phthalate freeparaben free, no animal testing, vegan friendly. Handmade with love.

More about your Root Chakra:

Are you having trouble feeling grounded? Do you feel like you don't belong anywhere - like you're always "different" and an outsider? When your Root Chakra is blocked or closed, it affects your ability to feel grounded, safe and secure.

Your Root Chakra is your energy power base and also your manifestation center. It's your first chakra, located at the base of your spine (tailbone). It forms from birth to age 2, so if you were born into a chaotic environment or experienced trauma during that time, it's likely you may have a blocked or closed Root. It usually shows up in your adult life as feeling scattered and alone, and feeling like you're never enough or have enough. 

Working on opening and clearing your Root Chakra can help you feel connected to Mother Earth and protected by her, as well as help you improve your ability to manifest what you desire. It's a process and a journey, unique to you and your situation, but it can be very worth the effort to do the energy work needed to heal your Root Chakra.

Chakra Rx Sprays are tools to use during meditation, personal rituals, yoga or energy healing work to engage your senses and enhance your experience using aromatherapy. Each spray works with one of your main 7 Chakras. I combined my knowledge of chakra healing, along with aromatherapy to engage your senses, and the power of healing crystals to create each spray. Each bottle is lovingly handmade with intention. The front features the Sanskrit Chakra Symbol and a power phrase to use as an affirmation. On the back, I've included a chakra meditation exercise for you to try.

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