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RHODONITE Stone of Self Love, Self Acceptance, Forgiveness, Heal Relationships

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RHODONITE Gemstone (Pink Manganese)

Sometimes called "The Stone of Forgiveness", Rhodonite's soothing energy aids you in self-acceptance and self-love. Forgive yourself for missed opportunities and past mistakes. Let go of regrets - they are heavy burdens that no longer serve you. Rhodonite also inspires you to outwardly express your hidden talents and gifts.

Folklore says that Rhodonite is also the "Relationship Rescue Stone" as it brings love and acceptance to relationships. The contrast of the light pink against the dark gray/black tones in Rhodonite symbolize the light shining through dark times. Use to heal your Heart Chakra.

This Rhodonite was mined in Madagascar.

Listing is for ONE medium size Rhodonite stone, approximately 1" long. Your stone will come gift bagged as shown. Bag color varies but most are light pink with black spots.

Your stone will come in an organza gift bag with instructions for cleansing and charging your stone. I've recently bathed all of my stones under Full Moon light to cleanse and charge them for you - but you'll want to conduct your own cleansing and charging rituals from time to time as well.