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RED JASPER Mother Earth Stone - Increase Vitality, Strength & Stamina - Ancient Warrior Talisman

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Red Jasper has been found throughout history I almost all cultures. Native American's called it "The Blood of Mother Earth" and ancient Egyptians called it "The Blood of Isis". It's a traditional talisman of warriors. Chinese cultures says it stimulates Chi (life force energy).

Red Jasper is a stone to work with when you wish to increase your strength, stamina, vitality, good health and endurance. Carrying a piece with you is said to help you connect with Mother Earth's energy and stay grounded. It stimulates the Root Chakra and aids in the rise of Kundalini energy.

This Red Jasper was mined in India.

With this listing you'll get ONE piece of large size tumbled Red Jasper that I'll intuitively choose for you out of my collection. Sizes and color combinations naturally vary among the stones but most are approximately 1 - 2" long.

Your stone will come in an organza gift bag with a white sage leaf and instructions for cleansing and charging your stone. I use running water, white sage, sunlight & moonlight to charge all of my stones before offering them to you - but you'll want to conduct your own cleansing and charging rituals from time to time as well.