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RAINFOREST JASPER Earth Healing Stone - Connect With Mother Earth Plants Animals Tree Spirits

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Rainforest Jasper is the "Earth Healing Stone" It's a great stone to work with when you're engaging in any type of Shaman or Earth Healing work as it is heavily connected with all of earth's elements and deepens your connection with the Spirit of all plants, animals, trees, stones, fairies and Elementals.

IDEA: Bury a piece of Rainforest Jasper in a special place in your yard as a symbolic offering to Mother Earth, to show her that you are dedicated to helping heal and protect her.

If you're doing any Shamanic work, you can use Rainforest Jasper to help you connect with your spirit animal guides.  Any creative way you wish you connect with animal spirits, plant spirits, fairies, elementals or devas - this is the stone to work with.

This Rainforest Jasper was mined in Western Australia. It is also called Rhyolite.

With this listing you'll get ONE piece of large size tumbled Rainforest (approx. 1" diameter) that I'll intuitively choose for you out of my collection. Sizes and color combinations naturally vary among the stones. Each one is a unique combination of different shades of green, yellow, brown, peach, blue and cream color circles overlapping each other - stunning to look at!

Your Rainforest Jasper stone will come in an organza gift bag with a white sage leaf and instructions for cleansing and charging your stone. I've recently bathed all of my stones under Full Moon light to cleanse and charge them for you - but you'll want to conduct your own cleansing and charging rituals from time to time as well.