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PREHNITE "Peaceful Healer" Stone of Unconditional Love - Be Kind To Yourself

PREHNITE "Peaceful Healer" Stone of Unconditional Love - Be Kind To Yourself


Prehnite "Unconditional Love Stone"


Prehnite is the stone to use when you know you need to be more kind to yourself, take better care of yourself, and connect with your Heart Chakra. It's sometimes called the "Peaceful Healer" stone.  Prehnite helps you attune to higher frequencies and trust in the highest good.  It's soft, light green color connects with both your Heart & Solar Plexus Chakras helping you feel more self-confident and loving towards yourself and others.  Prehnite has been associated with Archangel Raphael, the healing angel.  It's also connected with the Libra Zodiac sign, which is "the scales" of balance within oneself.

This Prehnite was mine in South Africa.  

With this listing you'll get ONE piece of large size tumbled Prehnite (approx. 1" diameter) that I'll intuitively choose for you out of my collection. Sizes and color combinations naturally vary among the stones. Prehnite is a soft green color with a cool, soothing energy - energy-wise, it reminds me Rose Quartz & Green Calcite.

Your stone will come in an organza gift bag with a white sage leaf and instructions for cleansing and charging your stone. I cleanse all of my stones with running water, white sage, sunlight, moonlight to cleanse and charge them for you - but you'll want to conduct your own cleansing and charging rituals from time to time as well.

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