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PISCES Candle Feb 19 - Mar 20, The Fish Zodiac Symbol

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Pisces Candle

Handmade soy candle in a 6 oz metal travel tin with lid.

About Pisces:

Birth dates: February 19 – March 20
Zodiac Symbol: Fish
Element: Water (Mutable)
Ruling Planet: Neptune and Jupiter
Opposite Sign: Virgo

Pisces is the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac, before the wheel begins again with Aries. The Fish are the sensitive, empathetic, creative dreamers of the group. Pisces feel everything at such a deep, emotional level. “All up in the feels” describes them best. Pisces are known for their loving, caring, sweet, romantic nature. Pisces can also be painfully shy, indecisive and a bit lazy. Pisceans are quite generous, imaginative and artistic. Pisces are the dreamers and creatives and make excellent friends and very caring lovers.

Pisces Zodiac Candle Scent: For Pisces, I had a vision for what I wanted but it took me many, many trials to make a decision. I knew it had to represent The Fish with a bit of watery side but also with a mystical flair that captures that unique comforting and creative side of Pisces. My daughter, Lexi, is a triple water Pisces Sun. After smelling dozens of samples, I went with my gut and decided on using the same amazing scent I use in my Shamanic Dreams Spray. Lexi agreed that fits The Fish well. It’s soft, warm, creamy, complex and intriguing. It’s so complex that I can’t even describe it, just trust me, you’ll love it.

Great birthday gift for an astrology lover!
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