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Palo Santo 20 pc Irregular Sticks - Palo Santo Smudge Brings in Good Vibes & Positive Energy

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Palo Santo 20 pk

~ SPECIAL ~ Bag of 20 irregular sticks of Palo Santo

When I buy Palo Santo in bulk to make up the 3 packs in my shop, there are a lot of pieces that don't make the quality cut due to irregular shapes, too thin, or odd markings. These are what I call "irregular" so expect some oddly shaped, thin or slightly jagged pieces. Each stick has been hand selected to make sure it is still a good smudge stick for you to burn. To the serious Palo Santo lover this is a great price on enough sticks to last you forever!

You'll get a bag of 20 sticks of Palo Santo. Each pieces is about 4" long and they vary in width and shape.

~ More about Palo Santo ~

Palo Santo means "Holy Wood". This sacred wood, native to South America, has been used as an incense and for ceremonial and medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Shamans often use Palo Santo, also called "Holy Stick" in sacred plant spirit ceremonies.

To Burn Palo Santo: Light one end of the stick and wave the sacred smoke in the direction of what you'd like to bless, like you would wave a sage smudge wand. You can also let it set in a fire safe ash catcher or abalone shell.