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Native Spirit Sprays Set - Sacred Smudge, Shamanic Dreams, Many Blessings & Sacred Space

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This Native Spirit Sprays Gift Set is a great way to try all four of my popular aromatherapy sprays that were inspired by my own journey of connecting with my Native American roots. That's why I call it my "Native Spirit".

In this set you'll receive one each of my four aromatherapy sprays inspired by ancient traditions but with a modern twist. Each spray comes in a generous 4 oz cobalt blue plastic spray bottle. This set is the perfect gift for someone you know who is striving to follow their roots.


Smudging is a term for burning sage or other dried herbs to clear energy and purify your space. Traditionally you'd burn dried sage, sweetgrass or cedarwood to smudge. This is a wonderful and widely used technique - however, it's not always feasible to do so. I created this Sacred Smudge mist as a quick and convenient alternative to smudging.

Use this Sacred Smudge Spray to clear the energy in your home of office anytime you wish. Great for healers to quickly clear the energy in your office space between clients. Safe for use as a body spray too!

Created with powerful intention, this Sacred Smudge Mist starts with a base of fresh spring water charged under a full moon, next I mix in Clary Sage essential oil and balance it out with Sweet grass and Cedarwood fragrance oils. This creates a much more pleasant scent than sage alone. Then I perform a Shamanic ritual to charge the mist with intention to help you clear your space of negative energy or spirits anytime you use this mist.


Are you using Dreamtime or Shamanic Journeying to connect with your Power Animals?

This pillow spray has been created using special rituals to charge it with added power of intentions for you to experience more vivid dreams and increase your psychic abilities. Great to use during meditation when connecting with your Guides!

To Use: Simply mist above your head or on your pillow while intending to experience more vivid, powerful dreams or meditation journeys

The scent is SO yummy! Its my own special concoction of sweet, spicy & soothing


Sacred Space Spray is the perfect way to set the tone for your meditation sessions, healing work, or any special rituals or ceremonies you like to do. Kokopelli is featured on the label, playing his ceremonial flute, as a symbol of setting up a Sacred Space.

Safe for use as a spray, room or pillow spray. Lightly mist anywhere you wish to create a Sacred Space for yourself. Great for your altar or meditation space. Can be used to set the tone for healing work with clients too!

This spray intended to be versatile & creative. I make it by hand in small batches using Sandalwood and Dragon's Blood fragrance oils and purified water. Sandalwood is often thought of as one of the most sacred scents around the world. Dragon's Blood has been used to add power to ceremonies and rituals for centuries.


This all-purpose blessing and anointing spray features a cornucopia of Indian Summer fruits with a hint of patchouli. Hand-crafted using sacred rituals and created from a base of purified water that was charged under a full moon. It works great for blessing your home or office, misting yourself in a daily blessing ritual, or using with clients during healing work.

"Many Blessings" is a term wishing you all good things including love, friendship, peace, happiness, abundance, health, wealth and joy. Fruit is an ancient symbol of abundance, while patchouli herb has long been used in attracting love and wealth. The label features a sun symbolizing blessings and happiness.

Many Blessings can be used any way you like - simply mist and state your intention for many blessings to be showered upon the person, place or object you're blessing or anointing. Great addition to your spiritual or healing practice to bless clients you've performed healing services for - such as massage or Reiki. Safe to use as a room or body spray.


"Native Spirit" is a brand name of Scentual Goddess. This product has been created out of respect and appreciation for Native American culture, but this product is NOT certified Native American made - nor is it claimed to be.