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Native Spirit Candles Set of 4

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Makes an excellent gift for anyone who loves Native American culture! These four candles were inspired by my own journey to connect with my Native American roots.

In this set you'll get one each of my Native Spirit Candles: Sacred Smudge, Shamanic Dreams, Many Blessings & Sacred Space. With this set you'll have all the candles you need to clear your space of unwanted energy, meditate & work with your Spirit Guides, pray for Many Blessings to come into your life, and conduct your own special Sacred Ceremonies.

Approximate burn time of this entire set is 200 hours!


When you simply can't burn sage.....Sacred Smudge is great alternative for smudging.
Sacred Smudge is a blend of the three traditional smudging fragrances of Sage, Sweetgrass and Cedar to create a blend that is more appealing scent-wise and doesn't cause the "burning pot" smell. Whenever you want to clear the energy in your home or office simply light this convenient Sacred Smudge candle tin while intending to clear away all negative energy.

Scent: Sage, Sweetgrass & Cedar
Color: Green
Size: 6 oz metal tin
Contains 100% USA Soy wax
Burn Time: Approximately 40-50 hours


Light this candle while intending to have vivid visions while you meditate or as you prepare to sleep while asking for powerful dreams that you easily remember in the morning. Great for use during Shamanic Journeying while working with your Animal Guides & Helper Spirits.

Scent: Rich, Deep, Spicy & Sweet (Scent is indescribable - yet so beautiful)
Color: Teal Blue
Size: 6 oz metal tin
Burn Time: Approximately 40-50 hours


"Many Blessings" is a term wishing you the many blessings of - Abundance, Joy, Health, Happiness, Peace, Love, Friendship & Wealth. Fruit is a symbol of abundance and blessings in ancient mythology. Light this Summer Fruit scented soy candle anytime you wish to focus on bringing Many Blessings into your life. Great for spiritual rituals and healing work.

Scent: Summer Fruits & Patchouli
Color: Deep Pink / Salmon
Size: 6 oz metal tin
Contains 100% USA Soy wax
Burn Time: Approximately 40-50 hours


An important part of any spiritual ritual is to first create a Sacred Space in your mind, body, spirit and physical environment where you are practicing your personal ritual. Meditation is a daily spiritual ritual which greatly benefits from setting up a Sacred Space. Light this Sacred Space candle anytime you wish to quickly set up a Sacred Space for your meditation or personal ritual.

Scent: Sandalwood & Dragon's Blood
Color: Purple
Size: 6 oz metal tin
Contains 100% USA Soy wax
Burn Time: Approximately 40-50 hours

All candles are hand-poured by Julie @ Scentual Goddess


"Native Spirit" is a brand name of Scentual Goddess. This product has been created out of respect and appreciation for Native American culture, however, this product is NOT certified Native American made - nor is it claimed to be.