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MANY BLESSINGS - All-Purpose Blessing Spray For Abundance Love Health Wealth Joy Peace Happiness

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This all-purpose blessing and anointing spray features a cornucopia of Indian Summer fruits with a hint of patchouli. Hand-crafted using sacred rituals and created from a base of purified water that was charged under a full moon. It works great for blessing your home or office, misting yourself in a daily blessing ritual, or using with clients during healing work.

"Many Blessings" is a term wishing you all good things including love, friendship, peace, happiness, abundance, health, wealth and joy. Fruit is an ancient symbol of abundance, while patchouli herb has long been used in attracting love and wealth. The label features a sun symbolizing blessings and happiness.

Many Blessings can be used any way you like - simply mist and state your intention for many blessings to be showered upon the person, place or object you're blessing or anointing. Great addition to your spiritual or healing practice to bless clients you've performed healing services for - such as massage or Reiki. Safe to use as a room or body spray.

Handmade with love.