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MAGIC MONEY OIL Anoint Your Cash, Ask it to Multiply & Come Back, LOA Law of Attraction

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MAGIC MONEY OIL is my own special concoction that I created to anoint my money. Whenever you get new money in do this special little ritual to connect with your money and send it good vibes. Everything is energy - and we tend to hate on money all the time. No wonder it evades us, right? lol

If you're not receiving as much money into your life as you'd like - look at how you treat money. Do you avoid it, curse it, hate it? Are you one of those people who never physically touches cash because you use your debit card all the time? These are some of the reasons money isn't flowing into your life like you'd like.

I made this oil to be like a LOA Law of Attraction game to play with your cash.

Use this Magic Money Oil to reconnect and mend your relationship with money. What I do is whenever I get some new cash, I sit down and spend a few minutes with my money. I lay it all out by denomination, then I dab a little Magic Money Oil on each corner of every bill. Then I pick up the whole stack and hold it up to my heart and thank it. Talk to money like its a person - because personifying it in your mind helps mend your relationship with it. Thank that new money for everything that it's allowing you to do, be or have right now. Maybe it's enabling you to buy nutritious foods for your family - or maybe it's filling up your gas tank so that you can go do something fun. Whatever it is that you feel THIS money is going to do for you - thank it for that. Then ask that money to multiply and come back to you. I swear it does!

I create this Magic Money Oil in small batches on the night of a full moon. I do my own little rituals with it as I create and charge it. Often I keep it in a bowl with herbs and crystals and of course my little Happy Buddha statue!

This listing is for 1/2 oz glass bottle of Magic Money Oil with money charm. I put Aventurine crystals in each bottle.

Sold as a curio item - no specific results are implied or guaranteed.