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LOVE MAGNET OIL - Attract Love & New Friendships Using Power of Intention Law of Attraction

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"LOVE MAGNET" Handcrafted Ritual Oil

Are you focusing your intentions on bringing new friendships and love into your life? Or are your intentions to focus more on self-love and caring for yourself like you haven't been doing in the past? Then this ritual oil was made for you.

Use it to anoint your body, candles, special objects, add a few drops to your bath water - it's 100% natural and safe to use anyway you wish to conduct special rituals around your intentions to bring in more love and friendship to your life.

I handcrafted this batch by moonlight on August 10th, 2014, the night of the largest Super Moon / Full Moon. It's my special blend of all natural oils including sweet almond, coconut and sesame oils that I infused with herbs and essential oils known for their power to draw love and friendship. I place 3 small crystals in each bottle including Rose Quartz, the stone of love. If you click through the pictures you can see this batch of oil as I was charging it by the light of the full moon.

This listing is for one 1/2 oz glass bottle of Love Magnet Oil. Comes adorned with a charm and hemp cord.

Sold as a curio item - no specific results are implied or guaranteed.