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HOUSE BLESSING KIT - Tools To Clear Your Home of Unwanted Energy and Bring in Blessings of Joy, Peace, Love & Prosperity

HOUSE BLESSING KIT - Tools To Clear Your Home of Unwanted Energy and Bring in Blessings of Joy, Peace, Love & Prosperity



Moving into a new home? Selling your old home and want to clear the space to prep it for quick sale? This Home Blessing Kit contains three essential pieces to make any space feel like home. Old, negative energy and spirits can linger in a home until it's properly cleared. This kit will give you everything you need to do that.

First, you'll want to smudge your entire space thoroughly with white sage smudge. The kit with sage, an abalone shell to use as an ash catcher and complete instructions on How to Smudge is included in the Smudge Starter Kit.

Next, go back through the home and use the Many Blessings Spray to bless the space and bring in all good things - including love, abundance, joy, peace & friendship.

Finally, burn the Home Blessing herb candle to bring in an even deeper sense of peace to the home.

Here's more detailed information on each item in the Home Blessing Kit:

Kit includes one each:
Smudge Starter Set with Abalone Shell, White Sage Smudge Stick & Instructions
Many Blessings Spray
Home Blessing Candle


Contains one large 5" - 6" Abalone Shell, one large 7"- 8" California White Sage Smudge Stick and detail instructions on how to smudge your space to clear old energy and unwanted spirits.

Both of these products are derived from nature - so no two are ever alike. The shells average 5" to 6" across the top opening. Each shell contains its own unique colors and markings and all have tiny holes in the side where the sea animal breathed. Abalone shells are considered the "crown jewel" of the ocean. The inside contains a beautiful mixture of iridescent pinks, purples and blues while the outside is a rough, natural texture with beige, cream, brown and often some pink and blue hues mixed in. They are found mainly along the coast of California, Japan, Australia and New Zealand - these shells came from the coast of California. The California White Sage was harvested, dried and hand tied into bundles. String color may vary from the photo.

Smudging is a traditional practice to cleanse and purify and is used in ceremonies and rituals worldwide. White sage is dried and tied together in a bundle to create a "smudge stick". This smudge stick is then lit on the wide end and allowed to burn for a moment then blown out so that the smoldering embers create sacred smoke which cleanses and purifies the space. An abalone shell is a traditional ash-catcher used in conjunction when smudging. A feather can optionally be used to fan the smoke. However, many people prefer to use the simpler process of waving the smudge stick itself around instead of setting it in the shell and waving the smoke with the feather. So this is the simpler kit preferred by many.


This all-purpose blessing and anointing spray features a cornucopia of Indian Summer fruits with a hint of patchouli. Hand-crafted using sacred rituals and created from a base of purified water that was charged under a full moon. It works great for blessing your home or office, misting yourself in a daily blessing ritual, or using with clients during healing work.

"Many Blessings" is a term wishing you all good things including love, friendship, peace, happiness, abundance, health, wealth and joy. Fruit is an ancient symbol of abundance, while patchouli herb has long been used in attracting love and wealth. The label features a sun symbolizing blessings and happiness.

Many Blessings can be used any way you like - simply mist and state your intention for many blessings to be showered upon the person, place or object you're blessing or anointing. Great addition to your spiritual or healing practice to bless clients you've performed healing services for - such as massage or Reiki. Safe to use as a room or body spray.

4 oz spray

"HOME BLESSING" Herb Infused Intention Candle

Use this intention candle anytime you wish to focus on bringing more blessings into your home including Love, Friendship, Good Health, Greater Wealth & Prosperity and more Peace & Joy!

This fresh apple scented candle is infused with my Blessing herb mix which I create for my Home Blessing Smudge Mix. The herbs I chose are ones that our ancestors have used for thousands of years for blessing ceremonies. I conduct my own rituals to infuse them with more intention as I create the candles from scratch. Makes a great gift for someone you know who could use a little more blessings flowing into their home. Great for New Home Blessing ceremonies as well as existing homes that just need a lift.

Scent: Fresh Apple with magical herb mixture infused in the wax
Size: 6 oz Metal Tin with lid and safety feet to keep heat off your surfaces (Made in USA)
Burn Time: Approx 40 hours
Clean burning 100% natural USA Soy Wax with cotton wick

The herbs tend to float away from the candle flame while burning, not towards it, but to be safe please only use when you are in close proximity and are watching the candle in case of fire. Don't burn for more than an hour at a time. This type of spell candle is for special use - not the type you light and let go all day to scent your home. See label on back for a reminder of how to care for your herb candle.

All items were hand-crafted by Scentual Goddess and charged with intention.

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