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Grab Bag of Raw Stones

Grab Bag of Raw Untumbled Rough Natural Stones - Add to Your Rock Collection or Make Crystal Grids


Grab Bag of Raw Natural Stones

This is a fun way to add to your rock collection!

Grab bag stones are great for introducing you to new types of healing crystals, building your stone collection, making crystal grids, carrying in your pocket or purse, using in craft or decorative projects, such as wire-wrapped jewelry, etc...

These rough rocks were something special I had in my rock collection. I decided to create mystery grab bags with them and send them out into the world to create some joy for others. I've pre-bagged all of these stones you see in the bowl. I tried to put a variety in each bag. I've got about 20 bags and when they're gone, they're gone!

Your grab bag of rough stones will have probably 10 to 15 stones, depending on what the size of what fits in the bag. You can see in the photos an example of what the type of mix you may receive. All of the stones are totally unique in size and shape.

Your Grab Bag may include any of the following:

Black Amber
Blue Apatite
Green Calcite

Fire Quartz
Peacock Ore
Yellow Jasper

Your grab bag of stones will come in a purple organza gift bag with a white sage leaf to cleanse them.

This set makes a great gift for any spiritual enthusiast or healer! If you're sending this as a gift for someone special, just include their name in the notes and a little info on what you're sending it to them for, as it will help me choose.

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