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Gemstone Wishing Chips Bottle - Tiny Crystals for Magical Wishes

Gemstone Wishing Chips Bottle - Tiny Crystals for Magical Wishes


Tiny Wishing Gemstone Bottle

I made these cute little glass bottles to use for making wishes. Inside each bottle is a mixture of tiny natural gemstones.

My inspiration for these came one day this past summer when I suddenly felt like planting little stones around my yard as an offering to Mother Earth for her blessings. Giving her back her beautiful treasures as a way of showing her my love, if you will.

You can use these little stones however you wish. Keep them in the bottle for a little windowsill decoration, place them in your intention candles as you burn them to add your wishes, use them in your own special ceremonies, etc... Take one stone out whenever you want to make a special wish or use them all once for a special occasion - the possibilities are endless!

I hand picked the stones for each bottle at random. No two bottles are alike. I purchased large mix of these tiny stones - containing a wide variety of different gemstones. I did my best to pick out different ones for each bottle that felt like they wanted to go together. Each corked glass bottle contains about 40-60 of these tiny stones. I tied the top of the bottles with hemp cord to finish them off.

Your stones may include:
Blue Lace Agate
Crystal Quartz
Red Jasper
Smoky Quartz
Tiger's Eye
or other natural stones

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