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Enlightened Soul Sprays Set - Sacred Smudge, Sweet Dreams, Many Blessings & Sacred Space

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With this set you'll get all 4 Aromatherapy Sprays in the set to help you clean up your energy, set powerful intentions, and relax your mind to work with your guides. 

Sacred Smudge

  • For cleaning up energy
  • Symbol: Feathers
  • Scent: Sage, Cedar & Sweetgrass

Sweet Dreams

  • For relaxing your mind & working with your guides
  • Symbol: Dreamcatcher
  • Scent: Sweet soothing blend

Many Blessings

  • Good vibes and positive intentions for abundance, peace & joy
  • Symbol: Sun
  • Scent: Fruit & Patchouli

Sacred Space

  • Create sacred space for your personal rituals
  • Symbol: OM Symbol
  • Scent: Nag Champa (incense)

Ingredients: Purified water, fragrance oil, purple plastic sprayer bottle

Makes a great gift set for your spiritually enlightened friends.