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EGYPTIAN MUSK Perfume Oil - Clean Unisex Sexy Musky Scented Body Oil

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"Egyptian Musk" Perfume Oil

Musk perfume oil has been an ancient tradition for thousands of years in Egypt. Goddesses like Cleopatra wore sexy musk. This perfume is VERY light and soft ~ not overpowering. This is for you if you like really light, clean smells. It's a UNISEX musk scent so it smells great on men and women.

On the label I put the "Eye of Horus" which is a popular Egyptian symbol of protection, royalty and good health.

Handmade in small batches using coconut oil and premium fragrance.
Phthalate Free, Paraben Free - no added chemicals.
1/3 oz glass bottle with plastic roller ball top and cap.

To use: Simply dab a little on your pulse points for long lasting scent. Reapply as desired.