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CUSTOM MEDICINE BAG Created by Spirit & Personalized Just For You - Healing Herbs & Crystals

CUSTOM MEDICINE BAG Created by Spirit & Personalized Just For You - Healing Herbs & Crystals


Are you struggling with something and need help? Depression? Grief? Pain? Confidence? Protection?

Let me make you a custom medicine bag full of Mother Nature's Medicine. Mother Nature offers all of the healing medicine we need for what spiritually and emotionally ails us. Connecting with intention to objects created by Mother Nature is incredibly healing and empowering.

Cultures all over the world, for thousands of years have turned to herbs and stones for healing medicine. That's because each different herb and stone vibrates on an energetic frequency that gives it its own unique energy. That energy is helpful for us to connect to when we need something that it can help with (i.e. soothing energy, stress reduction, energizing particular chakras, pain relief, boosted energy, etc...) People who are very in-tune with energy can sense the different energetic vibrations from each herb and stone. I was taught by a master energy teacher that this is called "info energy". Our ancestors have given us tons of information passed down through folklore about all of the different herbs and stones available on our abundant planet.

Native Americans coined the term "medicine bag" for a pouch of herbs, stones, bark, resins, etc... that is carried in a small pouch. "Medicine" in Native American terms doesn't have anything to do with doctors or drugs, medicine means anything that makes you better. Spiritually, emotionally, mentally or physically better.

If you've been around my shop before then you probably know that I am of both Native American and Irish decent with a passion for Goddess and the Moon, lol. My medicine bags look different than others you may see because I love taking the traditions of the old ways and bringing them into the new age with a little Goddess flair!

I started making these custom medicine bags because I get a lot of requests for help with these and other issues. My medicine bags are a convenient way to receive needed healing and power from herbs and stones provided by Mother Nature. I've been asked to create custom bags for everything from depression, PTSD, childhood traumas, fertility issues, getting your sex drive back, keeping away dark spirits away, conflicts in the workplace, to attracting love, luck and opening psychic gifts. So whatever is going on, lay it on me - nothing will shock me and I'm not here to judge ;)

What can you do with a medicine bag?
Meditate with it
Sleep with it
Put it in your desk at work
Keep it in a special place in your home
Give it as a gift to a friend in need

What inside a medicine bag?
It's full of a unique combination of herbs and stones that I'm guided by Spirit to include in your bag. I choose the herbs and stones that have been used by our ancestors for certain purposes. Have over 50 herbs and 55 types of stones currently in stock - so basically if you see it in my shop it could be inside your bag. I have a wide array of supplies on hand that aren't offered in my shop too.

How do I create your medicine bag?

No two bags are alike. Pictured are a few that I've done for my customers recently. Your bag will uniquely created for you based on what Spirit guides me to create for you. As with everything I create, I feel as though I am just the vessel that Spirit works through - I zone out and allow the inspiration to flow through me and let Spirit create what you need using my hands.

My good friend, Margret-Ann of The Roving Artist, hand dyed a bunch of cotton fabric - I'm currently using an array of her lovingly crafted colored fabric for my medicine bags.

After selecting your herbs, stones and fabric, I tie up your bag with hemp cord and attach whatever beads or charms I feel belong for extra decoration. Then I spend some time connecting with your bag and asking it to help bring you what you need most right now.

Be sure to include detailed notes on what you're looking for help with and any special requests in the order. I will try to put your bag together quickly, but please allow 3-5 days because of how time consuming these are.


As with any metaphysical item, this is sold as a curio only. No specific results are implied or guaranteed. Not intended to be a replacement for proper medical care.

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