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Mystery Stones Bag of 10 Healing Gemstones Intuitively Choosen Just For You By Spirit

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"Mystery Bag" is an intuitively chosen set of healing stones picked just for you.

If you're anything like me, I LOVE stones & crystals! All of them. I can't get enough. I've got bowls of them sitting around my house, on my nightstand, in my office..... I am so drawn to rocks, stones, crystals of all kinds. I love how they feel, how they look and the different energies they give off.

I wanted to offer a fun way of allowing Spirit to choose stones for you. I am clairaudient and hear messages from Spirit. I connect with Spirit and ask which stones want to come to you most right now for healing and empowerment. Mystery Bags or grab bags are always a fun surprise - so with this listing I combined the two. You get to work with new stones you may not have otherwise tried, and Spirit gets to deliver messages to you through the stones chosen.

I currently stock over 60 different types of gemstones from around the world. With this listing, I'll intuitively choose 10 different stones for you based on what Spirit tells me you need right now. They are all tumbled and range in size from medium to extra large - depending on the type of stones.
If this is a gift for someone else, please tell me a little about the recipient in the notes of your order.

Your Mystery Bag of Crystals may contain any of the following:

African Turquoise Jasper
Black Moonstone
Black Tourmaline
Blue Lace Agate
Brecciated Jasper
Cheveron Amethyst
Crystal Quartz
Dalmatian Jasper
Dragon's Eye
Green Moss Agate
Fancy Jasper
Hawk's Eye
Jade Nephrite
Lapis Lazuli
Orange Calcite
Peach Moonstone
Picture Jasper
Rainbow Hematite
Rainbow Moonstone
Rose Quartz
Shiva Lingham
Smoky Quartz
Snowflake Obsidian
Tiger's Eye

I may include some other precious treasures in the mix too as they come to me.

I sell these gemstones separately in my shop for $4.95 - $7.95 each - so you'll enjoy a 25% + savings off the regular price of these stones.

This is a grab bag mixture I put together, not cheap stones that are sold in mixed bulk. I cleanse & charge these stones from time to time and treat them with care while they await you :) I will pick out all different stones for you based on intuitive guidance I get at the time - if you're hoping for a particular stone in the mix let me know in the notes on your order.

I'll select your stones specifically for you when you place your order. I sit down with the stones, clear my mind, and stir the bowl of stones with my hand. I let the stones tell me which ones want to go with you. When paired with the info cards, each bag feels like a psychic reading to shed light on where you're at right now and what you need to move to the next level.

Your grab bag of stones will come in a gift bag with a white sage leaf to cleanse them. I'll also include little info cards on each of your stones and information on how to cleanse and charge your stones. The color and fabric of the gift bags change depending on what I have on hand.

This set makes a great gift for any spiritual enthusiast or healer! If you're sending this as a gift for someone special, just include their name in the notes and a little info on what you're sending it to them for.

Here's what my customers on Etsy have to say about this product in their feedback:

"Beautiful stones with a great mixture of types ! Comes with handy notes that tell about each stone :)" - Chelsey

"Prompt shipping, fantastic service. Spirit led, for sure!" - Tracey

"Love my little treasures!" - Cynthia

"The stones are beautiful! The friendly note and fast shipping was an extra bonus!" - Karen

"Such a spot on mix of stones! Not only is the mix perfect, the stones are beautiful! Love love love!" - Sarah

"Gorgeous stones, I'm very pleased with my purchase. Thank you so much! Blessed be." - Melissa

"I cannot say enough about this seller. Very knowledgeable and kind. Each stone is beautiful and means something to me. Thank you Julie." - Kathleen

"I am extremely happy with my chosen stones. Includes were lovely descriptions and meanings for each stone and they are all gorgeous and all of the meanings work with me right now in my life. Very pleased and love that it came with a bag of sage leaves so I could smudge the stones in order to cleanse them. All packaging was great and beautiful. Would order and will be ordering again in a heartbeat. Thank you." - Kelly