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CRYSTAL QUARTZ Healer Stone - Open Mind Clear Energy - Amplify Energy of All Other Stones

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CRYSTAL QUARTZ (aka Ice Crystal or Clear Quartz)

Crystal Quartz is considered the "Master Healer" stone. There's a bounty of crystal quartz across the globe. In many cultures it's been thought of as a gift from Mother Earth. It's most known for its ability to cleanse and amplify the energies of all other stones. It is a source of White Light energy. Quartz Crystal opens the mind and soul to higher guidance from the Spirit realm. It aids in bringing clarity and strength. It's revered for it's ability to cleanse and protect the aura of those who carry it.

This Crystal Quartz was mined in Brazil.

With this listing you'll get ONE piece of large size Crystal Quartz that I'll intuitively choose for you out of my collection. Sizes and color combinations naturally vary among the stones but most are 1" in diameter.

Your Crystal Quartz will come in an organza gift bag with a white sage leaf and instructions for cleansing and charging your stone. I've recently bathed all of my stones under Full Moon light to cleanse and charge them for you - but you'll want to conduct your own cleansing and charging rituals from time to time as well.