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Crown Chakra Spray "I AM" Open Your Connection To The Divine, Spirit & Your Soul or Higher Self

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Do you feel like you're on a spiritual journey and you're ready to kick it up a notch? Working with opening your Crown Chakra can heighten your sense of spirituality, deepen your connection with the Divine (God, Goddess, The Creator, All That Is...) and help you connect with your Soul or Higher Self.

Your Crown Chakra is located about 2" above your head. By picturing your Crown opening, allowing you to expand your consciousness outward and upward, you can gain a higher perspective and feel more connected with the Universe.

I create my Chakra Rx Sprays to be tools used during meditation, personal rituals, yoga or energy healing work. Each spray in the set works with one of your main 7 Chakras. I combined my knowledge and experience with chakra healing, along with aromatherapy and the power of gemstones to create each spray. I make them in small batches and charge them with intention. The front features the Sanskrit Chakra Symbol. One the back of each bottle of Chakra Rx Spray I include instructions and the meditation or visualization exercise that I find most helpful for working with that particular chakra.


With this listing you'll receive one 2 oz spray bottle:

"I AM" Crown Chakra Spray
Scent: Frankincense & Myrrh
Color: Purple

I put a few small gemstones in each bottle to add power to it. Crown Chakra stones may include Amethyst, Crystal Quartz, Smoky Quartz and other natural stones.


Also available in the set of 7 Chakra Rx Sprays:

Chakra Rx® sprays are intensely charged aromatherapy products hand crafted to help you clear and balance your chakras and aura and feel more calm, grounded and empowered. Perfect for light workers and healers to use in your practice or for personal use during meditation! Can also be used as a pillow spray, room spray or body spray.

Scent is the most powerful of the senses. Using aromatherapy during your meditation can help enhance your experience. Aromatherapy uses scent to work with your body on the physical, mental, spiritual and energetic levels to address certain challenges you may be dealing with. Intentionally using scents which invoke a certain feeling in the body, such as the feeling that corresponds with the chakra you're working with, can heighten the rest of your senses & speed up healing work.

These Chakra Sprays are designed to use while focusing on clearing your chakras during meditation or yoga. They're great tools for energy healers including massage therapists, yoga instructors, Reiki practitioners and other holistic modalities to use when working with clients to heighten their experience.

TO USE: Simply spray a little above your head, on, or around your body during meditation or as part of your daily ritual. Inhale the therapeutic aroma and set your intentions. Each 2 oz bottle will last a long time, even with regular use.

Contains premium fragrance oil and purified water. No added chemicals or preservatives.