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CHERRY STAR GARNET Crystal - Dark Cherry Star Garnet, January Capricorn Birthstone

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Garnet crystal

One (1) large tumbled dark cherry star Garnet crystal - approximately 1" - 1.5"

This tumbled Garnet was mined in Brazil.

Garnet is a deep red, burgundy color, with a cracked or broken appearance. Some pieces have a star like pattern that dances through them when the light hits them.

Metaphysical Properties of Garnet:

  • Capricorn birth stone
  • Fire element
  • Passion and creativity
  • Strength, stamina and vitality
  • Ancient warrior talisman

NOTE: You will not get the exact crystal in the photos, but one similar, as these are stock photos that I take. The piece you receive will be intuitively chosen for you. I cleanse and inspect every crystal before offering it to you. Your crystal will come in an organza bag with metaphysical information about it.