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Chakra Stones Set - 8 Healing Chakra Crystals - Beginner Crystals Set

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Chakra Stones Set

8 Healing crystals for working with your chakras. You can use these stones during meditation, set them up as a crystal grid for your energy healing work, hold them, wear them in your pocket or bra. However you wish to work with your chakras to open, balance and clear them, these little guys can help.

This 8 piece Chakra Stones Set includes:

Root - Red Jasper
Sacral - Carnelian
Solar Plexus - Golden Quartz
Heart - Aventurine
Throat - Amazonite
Third Eye - Blue Aventurine
Crown - Amethyst
+ Crystal Quartz

Some people like to use indigo colored stones for your Third Eye and purple for your Crown. Others like to use purple for your Third Eye and clear for your crown. So I give you both in this set. That's why there are 8 instead of 7, you'll have the right chakra stones for both ways. If you go with the traditional seven chakra colors, as I do, then the crystal quartz is a bonus and it just adds more power to the set.

These stones are small size, approximately 3/4" diameter each. They come in a gift bag with chakra information. This makes a great little gift for your spiritual friend or someone who is just getting started working with your chakras and metaphysical crystals.