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Chakra Sprays Set by Scentual Goddess

7 Chakra Sprays Set - Aromatherapy with Healing Crystals & Meditation to Work With Your Chakras



I create my Chakra Rx Sprays to be tools used during meditation, personal rituals, yoga or energy healing work. Each spray in the set works with one of your main 7 Chakras. I combined my knowledge and experience with chakra healing, along with aromatherapy and the power of gemstones to create each spray. I make them in small batches and charge them with intention. The front features the Sanskrit Chakra Symbol. One the back of each bottle of Chakra Rx Spray I include instructions and the meditation or visualization exercise that I find most helpful for working with that particular chakra.

These are great tools for energy healers including massage therapists, yoga instructors, Reiki practitioners and other holistic modalities to use when working with clients to heighten their senses and enhance their experience with you.

With this listing you’ll get all seven Chakra Rx Sprays:
- Root “I Belong” (Red)
- Sacral “I Feel” (Orange)
- Solar Plexus “I Can” (Yellow)
- Heart “I Love” (Green)
- Throat “I Speak” (Blue)
- Third Eye “I See” (Indigo)
- Crown “I Am” (Purple)


Are you having trouble feeling grounded? Do you feel like you don't belong anywhere - like you're always "different" and an outsider? When your Root Chakra is blocked or closed, it affects your ability to feel grounded, safe and secure.

Your Root Chakra is your power base and also your manifestation center. It's your first chakra, located at the base of your spine (tailbone). It forms from birth to age 2, so if you were born into a chaotic environment or experienced major traumas during that time, it's likely you may have a blocked or closed Root. It usually shows up in your adult life as feeling scattered and alone. It also shows up as not being able to generate enough money or not being able to keep any money in your life - spending it to get rid of it as soon as money reaches your hands. Working on opening and clearing your Root Chakra can help you feel connected to Mother Earth and protected by her, as well as help you improve your relationship with money.

"I BELONG" Root Chakra Spray
Scent: Teakwood & Cardamom
Color: Red
Gemstones inside may include: Red Jasper, Dragon’s Eye, Tiger’s Eye & Snowflake Obsidian


Do you feel really bogged down with old emotional stuff that you can't seem to let go of? Have you experienced any sort of sexual trauma? Is your sex drive gone? Does your creativity seem blocked or like you have a hard time expressing yourself in front of people? Your Sacral Chakra, located just below your belly button, is your center for your emotions, creativity and sexuality. When it's clogged or shut down, it can feel really difficult to let go of the past and be in the moment. It forms during early childhood, where pain from your past can get stuck - especially if you suffered any form of sexual abuse.

Opening and clearing your Sacral Chakra can be a great experience and so worth the effort. First of all, you may find that you're no longer bothered by past pain (or much less). Your sex drive can greatly improve and the energy you give off when your Sacral is open and clear is amazingly attractive! You may also feel a lot more creative and able to fully express yourself through art, dance, music, etc...

"I FEEL" Sacral Chakra Spray
Scent: Tibetan Amber
Color: Orange
Gemstones inside may include: Carnelian, Moonstone, Sunstone & Orange Calcite


Feel like you've lost your mojo? Do you not seem to have the drive and ambition to go after what you want any more? Have you been in controlling relationships and feel like you've lost your power? Your Solar Plexus Chakra is your Power Center. It's located just above your belly button. When it's clogged or shut down, it can be really difficult to muster up the willpower to do much of anything. But you can work with your Solar Plexus to clear it and get it charged back up. A quick visualization exercise and 30-second daily ritual can do wonders for your confidence and sense of personal power!

"I CAN" Solar Plexus Chakra Spray
Scent: Ginger & Bergamot
Color: Yellow
Gemstones inside may include: Citrine, Yellow Jasper & Lemon Chrysoprase


Do you feel not good enough or unlovable? Have you been hurt or suffered loss that seems to have closed down your heart? Your Heart Chakra is located in the center of your chest, near your physical heart, and it's the gateway through which you give and receive love from yourself and others. Past pain from regret or loss can clog or close your Heart Chakra. Working with it to open it back up can be a very freeing and beautiful experience. A simple daily meditation can help.

"I LOVE" Heart Chakra Spray
Scent: Lime, Rose & Jasmine
Color: Green
Gemstones inside may include: Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Unakite & Moss Agate


Can't seem to say no, so you end up doing things you don't want to do? Do you have a hard time setting boundaries with other people or speaking your mind? Your Throat Chakra is in the center of your neck, and it's your communication center. When your Throat Chakra is clogged or closed, you may find it difficult to tell others what you need or ask for help.

Doing some work to open and clear your Throat Chakra can be very empowering! Practicing a daily ritual in the car, while you're alone, for example can help you get the energy flowing again and open the lines of communication via speaking, teaching or writing. Try repeating the "Om" sound several times. Yell, scream, sing, hum - any sound you feel like making to activate your Throat Chakra will work. Pair this with saying no more often, when you mean no, really helps. In certain relationships we tend to lose our voice and shut down. But if this is true for you, you can work with your Throat Chakra to stand up for yourself and speak your mind once again!

"I SPEAK" Throat Chakra Spray
Scent: Sandalwood
Color: Blue
Gemstones inside may include: Blue Lace Agate, Amazonite & Howlite


Are you ready to take your psychic senses to the next level? Do you know you have psychic gifts, but aren't sure how to use them? Your Third Eye Chakra is located between your eyebrows and is what's called your "Mind's Eye". When you raise your attention to this spot with your eyes closed, it helps to open up your intuition and may help you see, hear or feel messages from Spirit. A daily ritual to practice this may help you develop your psychic senses to the next level for you.

"I SEE " Third Eye Chakra Spray
Scent: Eucalyptus & Spearmint
Color: Indigo
Gemstones inside may include: Sodalite & Lapis Lazuli


Do you feel like you're on a spiritual journey and you're ready to kick it up a notch? Working with opening your Crown Chakra can heighten your sense of spirituality, deepen your connection with the Divine (God, Goddess, The Creator, All That Is...) and help you connect with your Soul or Higher Self.

Your Crown Chakra is located about 2" above your head. By picturing your Crown opening, allowing you to expand your consciousness outward and upward, you can gain a higher perspective and feel more connected with the Universe.

"I AM" Crown Chakra Spray
Scent: Frankincense & Myrrh
Color: Purple
Gemstones inside may include: Amethyst, Crystal Quartz & Smoky Quartz

Handcrafted in small batches. Sold as a curio. No specific results are implied or guaranteed.


Here's what my customers said on Etsy about this product in their feedback:

"Love these! Thank you much!" - Emily

"Thank you much , I just love the sprays they are just wonderful , my mind body and soul , love them thanks" - Chevell

"Beautiful, fragrant, pleasant to look at, easy to handle .... perfect! I'll test on me" - Anne

"Received this cute little set so quick! The fragrance is very nice and calming, exceptional customer service! I recommend." - maverickmarvels

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