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BLUE SAGE SMUDGE STICK - Grandmother Sage, Wild Blue Sage Stick, Magical Ritual Sage

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BLUE SAGE STICK ~ Grandmother Sage

Blue sage, also called "Grandmother Sage", is used for cleansing, purification, healing and preparing for magical & divination work. Blue sage smudge is not as pungent as it's cousin, White Sage. The smell is a bit softer, making blue sage an excellent go to magical ritual sage for your daily practice.

Blue Sage is known as Salvia clevelandii and is sometimes referred to as New Mexico Sage or Desert Sage. It has thin leaves that have a blueish tint. 

Smudging with sacred sage creates a purifying smoke that clears away negative energy and remove unwanted spirits from your space. It' a great way to restore good vibes to your home.

These are really nice, thick blue sage smudge sticks that burn beautifully. Each blue sage smudge stick is hand tied by me with Egyptian cotton string. 

Each wild blue sage bundle will perform several smudging sessions for you. They can be re-lit many times until gone.

You'll receive ONE Blue Sage Smudge Stick - approximately 5" long