BLUE CALCITE Intuition, Clear Decision Making, Psychic Abilities, Communication Stone

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Raw Blue Calcite Crystal

Blue Calcite is the communication stone.  It's said to help you with clearing communicating your desires, working on communication in relationships, and working with your Throat Chakra.  

Improving your psychic abilities and dream recall is another reason for working with Blue Calcite crystal.  

The warm, soothing, watery energy of Blue Calcite is linked to the astrological sign of Cancer, which is all about emotions and relationships.  

When I held Blue Calcite in my hand and asked it what it wanted me to say about it, I heard "I just know."  The messages I received was that it wants to help you tap into your gut feelings and make decisions based on your inner knowledge your intuition.

Folklore also says that Blue Calcite is a great stone to work with when you're trying to heal a broken heart.  

This Blue Calcite was mined in Peru.

With this listing, you'll get ONE piece of raw Blue Calcite rock that I'll intuitively choose for you from my collection.  Most pieces are about 1.5" long.  The colors vary from light to medium blue, some have white or brown spots, which is typical of all calcite rocks.  The pieces are rough with jagged edges and a layered appearance, also typical of all colors of calcite.