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BLUE APATITE Crystal - Throat Chakra & Third Eye Chakra - Polished Tumbled Blue Apatite Stone

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Blue Apatite crystal

One (1) polished Blue Apatite crystal - approximately 1" - 1.5"

This beautiful tumbled Blue Apatite was mined in Brazil. Blue Apatite has varying shades of dark blue, teal and dark green, some have white and brown in them as well.

Metaphysical Properties of Blue Apatite:

* Throat Chakra Balancing - Speak kindly
* Third Eye Chakra Opening- Connection to Spirit Guides
* Access Akashic Records

NOTE: You will not get the exact crystal in the photos, but one similar, as these are stock photos that I take. None of the props that I use in my photos are included or offered for sale. The piece you receive will be intuitively chosen for you. I cleanse and inspect every crystal before offering it to you. Your crystal will come in an organza bag with metaphysical information about it.