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Blue Apatite Stone

BLUE APATITE Stone - Cools Temper, Speak More Kindly & Balance Throat Chakra


Blue Apatite is a mystical, mysterious stone. When I attempted to research what I wanted to say about this Apatite, I found a lot of mixed messages. So I decided to sit with several pieces of this Blue Apatite in my hands and ask it what I should say about it.

The messages I received were that it's cooling energy helps soothe your throat. It aids you in cooling your temper and refraining from speaking harsh words when you're angry - but to rather speak more kind words. It also created a sensation in my throat to illustrate how it coats your throat with this cooling energy which helps you lessen food cravings.

Through my research, I also discovered that Blue Apatite is associated with animal conservation. If your passion is protecting endangered species and preserving wildlife, this is a great stone for you to work with.

You'll get ONE large piece (approximately 1" - 2" long) of raw, untumbled Blue Apatite that I'll intuitively choose for you from my collection. It'll come gift bagged in organza with a white sage leaf and instructions for how to cleanse and charge your stones. Each piece is unique in shape and coloring.  They vary from light to darker blue, and some pieces have more brown, black, and copper running through them.

This rough Blue Apatite came from Brazil. It is teal blue with a crackled appearance and some white and hints of copper in some areas.

I've taken great care to prepare your stone for you. I wash, smudge and inspect all of my stones. I also charge them with moonlight and sunlight before offering them to you. Your Blue Apatite will come bagged in organza with a white sage leaf and instructions for cleansing and charging your own stones.

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