BLESSING SMUDGE MIX Herbal Incense blend of Rose Petals, Bay Leaf, White Sage, Lavender & Calendula

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Looking for a new smudge mix to use instead of just plain sage? Here's a blend that Spirit guided me to create that contains a colorful mix of herbs including Lavender Buds, Red Rose Petals, Yellow Calendula Petals, Bay Leaf, Rosemary & more. It's perfect for an all-purpose smudging and blessing blend or as an altar incense. I've also included a beautiful, small Red Abalone Shell in the package for you. Paired with the small shell - this is great for a quick, light smudging of a small space before or after you perform any type of healing work with clients.

With this listing you'll get ONE 3"x4" plastic baggie full (about 1 cup)

To energetically cleanse your space, add a pinch of herbs to the Abalone shell or other heat-safe bowl. Carefully light the herbs and use the purifying smoke as smudge. Add more herbs and relight as necessary. Fully extinguish when finished. Never burn unattended. 

You can also use Blessing Smudge Mix to dress your candles, use in bath sachets or add to a larger bonfire for special ceremonies.

Handcrafted by Scentual Goddess.

Pictured with the Small Abalone Shell available in my shop

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