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BLACK TOURMALINE Raw Crystal, Repels Negative Energy, Helps With Grief & Depression

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Black Tourmaline Raw Crystal Chunk

  • Repels Negative Energy
  • Overcome Compulsive & Obsessive Behavior
  • Deal with Grief & Depression

Black Tourmaline, also called Shorl, doesn't hold other energies. Instead it repels negative energy, thoughts and emotions that are energetically around you. Black Tourmaline is especially helpful with coping with grief, overcoming depression, or for extra support during stressful times such as divorce, loss of a job or major transitions.

Carry a piece of Black Tourmaline with you anytime you wish to work on letting go of fears and need to feel a sense of protection. It's a helpful grounding stone to clear and heal your Root Chakra.

In folklore, Black Tourmaline is said to return dark spells to the sender and protect you from any type of curses or black magic.

Black Tourmaline has a natural crackled appearance. Raw black tourmaline chunks have a blade like look and often have other minerals, such as quartz crystal attached to them. You may find spots of white, clear, brown or red. This is where quartz crystal, red jasper or other minerals have banded to the black tourmaline when it was forming in Mother Earth.

With this listing you'll get ONE piece of raw, untumbled Black Tourmaline that I'll intuitively choose for you out of my collection. Sizes and color combinations naturally vary among the stones. Most pieces are 1"- 2" long.

Your rough Black Tourmaline chunk will come in an organza gift bag with instructions for cleansing and charging your stone. I've recently bathed all of my stones under Full Moon light to cleanse and charge them for you - but you'll want to conduct your own cleansing and charging rituals from time to time as well.