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Uriel Divine Spark Candle - Feel Like You've Lost Your Passion & Purpose? Call Upon Archangel Uriel

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Feel like you've lost your purpose and passion lately? Uriel is the angel to call upon when you feel like you need to be infused with a boost of energy, creativity and information about your life purpose and the next steps in your path.

Light this candle, close your eyes and allow Uriel to work with your energy to help me feel more energized and give you a boost of Divine spark!

100% USA Soy Wax
Scent: Fresh citrus scent with lemongrass, cassia & kiwi
Color: Orange
Size: 6 oz Metal Tin with lid
Burn time: 40 hours

The label contains a prayer you can say to Uriel to ask for Divine Inspiration to lead you towards the next steps on your personal path and life purpose. Great for meditation or anytime you wish to invoke help from the Archangel Uriel

Also available in Uriel Spray or the Archangel Candles Set


Hand-poured in small batches and charged with intention.

Sold as a curio. No specific results are implied or guaranteed.