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AQUA AURA Quartz Crystal Point - Beautiful Blue Rainbow Titanium Aura Quartz Point

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qua Aura Crystal Quartz Point

One (1) blue Aqua Aura Crystal Point
approximately 1" - 2" long - Every point is unique in size and shape. Most have a single point and 6 sides. However some pieces have double points or clusters of smaller points attached to them. As with all quartz, some have inclusions of red, black or white and a crackled appearance. The sizes of these varies from long and skinny to short and chunky. Each one is completely unique.

"Aura Quartz" means that these are crystal quartz points that have a heat-treated titanium coating that produces a rainbow effect. "Aqua Aura" refers to their overall aqua blue coloring. They contain all of the normal qualities of Crystal Quartz plus a special beautiful blue and rainbow coloring. Sometimes these are referred to as Spirit Quartz as well.

These Aqua Aura Crystal Points are perfect for crystal grid layouts or for wire-wrapping your own crystal quartz pendant to wear.

Metaphysical Properties of Aqua Aura Crystal Quartz:

  • All-purpose spiritual crystal
  • Clarity & strength
  • Enlightenment & spiritual awakening tool

Note: You will not get the exact crystal in the photos, but one similar, as these are stock photos that I take. The piece you receive will be intuitively chosen for you. I cleanse and inspect every crystal before offering it to you. Your crystal will come in an organza bag with metaphysical information about it.