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AMETHYST Pendulum - 7 Chakra Color Stones with Amethyst Point - Divination Tool

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Amethyst Crystal Pendulum

Beautiful six-sided purple Amethyst point hanging from a string of chakra colored natural gemstone chips.

The rainbow colored chakra gemstone chips from bottom to top are: Garnet, Carnelian, Citrine, Peridot, Aquamarine, Iolite & Amethyst.

With this listing you'll get ONE Chakra Pendulum.

Note: These are stock photos that I took, but I have more than one of these chakra pendulums available. You will not get the exact one in the photo, but it will look very similar to the one in the photo. Each one is made from natural stones, so no two are ever exactly alike. The Amethyst point is approximately 1.5" long and the gemstone covered chain is about 9" long.

Your chakra pendulum will come with instructions for how to use your pendulum.

Makes a great gift for your spiritual friend!

What is a pendulum?
It's a divination tool that you use to tap into your own intuition and sub-conscious mind to ask and answer questions.