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LARGE ABALONE SHELL Smudge Bowl, Natural Abalone Sea Shell for Smudging

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Large Abalone Shell for Smudging

I absolutely LOVE abalone! It's my personal favorite natural item to work with in my spiritual practice. Each time I receive a new shipment of shells for making my Smudge Kits, I marvel at their beauty! 

You can use an abalone shell as an ash catcher when you're burning sage for smudging. Or you could store your crystals or other sacred treasures in one as a beautiful piece of natural decor. 

With this listing you'll get one polished abalone shell. Most range from 5" to 6" across. The flashes of color may include various shades of pink, blue, green or gold. Your shell will be similar to those pictured, but each shell is unique. They are a natural product, so no two are alike. You will receive a shell similar to the ones in the photos, but not the exact shell pictured.

With this listing you'll get one large Abalone Shell.

* Note - You will not receive the exact shell in the photo, but one similar.