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Shipping Info by Scentual Goddess

When will my order arrive?

Normal turnaround time for you order is 3-7 business days.  Sometimes I get things out quicker.  But I'm currently still a one-woman shop and make everything myself, so it all depends on the day.  

I try to keep a small stock ready-made so I can just grab & ship your products immediately.  But some days I get a bunch of orders for a certain thing and have to stop and make more.  I swear there's what I call "medicine of the day" where a certain item is just suddenly energetically called to many people at once.  Something will sit for a couple weeks without sales and then BOOM! everybody wants it all on the same day, lol.  I stopped trying to plan for it a long time ago, because there is no rhyme or reason. I just go with the flow. Or sometimes I get struck by a bolt of creativity and dive into creating new products and don't come up for air for a couple days. Occasionally I have to take my kids out of town for sporting events and dance competitions.  

That's why I just say 3-7 days and figure you'll be happy if it's sooner :)  I'm looking to bring in a beautiful soul to help me with shipping, so these problems stop, but the right person hasn't come along just yet.  


How will my order arrive?

I ship daily from Michigan via USPS.  Depending upon the weight of your package it will go either First Class or Priority Mail.  Anything over 1 lb automatically goes Priority Mail.  



International orders can take 2-4 weeks to arrive.  USPS tracking does not work once your packages leaves the USA, unfortunately.  I hope they fix this soon. In the past I have limited shipping to USA only, but I have many customers around the world wanting Scentual Goddess products, so I am currently shipping worldwide.  Please be patient and plan on 4 weeks for delivery.  (Canada is usually 1-2 weeks).