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Helpful Resources for when you're feeling stuck, afraid and have lost your motivation

Are you feeling stuck and aren't sure where to turn next?

Here are some resources that I have found most helpful on my personal journey: These are things that I have tried myself, loved, and highly recommend looking into

- Julie



Brain Re-training using proven new technology that helps you overwrite old limiting beliefs, overcome your fears, focus on your goals, and become more successful than you've ever imagined!  Seriously, this site and these programs are amazing!  I'm currently using the Winning The Game of Fear Program and the Having It All Program and I can't believe how much better I felt in just the first few days.  If fear, procrastination and mental clutter are holding you back - you need to check out one of the free videos to see what is possible with the use of neuroplasticity brain re-training. I'm using it every day myself and I HIGHLY recommend it!



Christy Whitman 

When I first began my spiritual journey, on the very night that I had my dark night of the soul and was absolutely at my wits-end with my life as a broke, single mother, going to college full time with an overactive mind full of negativity - I turned to Google to start searching for how to meditate.  I ran across some information from a woman named Christy Whitman.  I downloaded one of her free reports, I think it was her "Art of Abundance Program" that popped up in my Google search.  As I read her story I came alive with excitement. I felt like somebody finally "got me" and could help me.  I bought her program and from that moment on my life was changed.  That was in the fall of 2009. Since then, I have taken every program that Christy has developed. I've attended 5 of her live events where I have met the most amazing women that are like my sisters now.  I proudly call Christy my mentor and friend. She is a true class act.  So I invite you to check out her website and see if she has a little nugget of information that might help you too.  She's got all kinds of free videos, articles, and her free newsletter is great too!


 P.S. She has a free webinar for her program called Creating Money which you may enjoy checking out too.