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About Scentual Goddess

Hi! I’m Julie, owner of Scentual Goddess. 

I’m glad you’re here.  My wish is that something I’ve created can bring you some joy, or peace or inspiration.  I hope it helps you release something that’s no longer serving you.  Or helps you create a beautiful experience that sparks some change or passion within you that catapults you soaring into the next exciting chapter in your life.  Or that you find the perfect gift for your friend who needs a little boost of encouragement from your right now.  That’s why I do what I do. 

You’ll notice my shop is an eclectic mix of “toys”.  I just create whatever Spirit inspires me to make for you.  I’m clairaudient, and I literally just listen to the whispers of inspiration and bring it to life.  Every product in my store has a story behind it and I remember the day I created each one, what showed up I my life to prompt its creation. They're like my little babies I birthed, lol.

Everything in my shop is handmade, by me, in my home in rural Michigan. 

I’m a single mom with two busy girls who eat, sleep and breathe sports.  My daughter Lexi is 18 and heading off to college. Leigha is 14 and is a competitive dancer.  So when I’m not pouring candles, making jewelry or packing orders, I’m sitting in the bleachers cheering, doing hair and make up for a dance recital, or driving back and forth with a car load of kids!

My mom, Patty, is my moral support and cheerleader.  She helps me at the shows we set up at a few times a year.  She burns candles to test them, runs around and gets me supplies I need.  And she assembles all of those little white sage leaf packets that I ship with all of my stones for you to cleanse and charge them. 

(Side note:  Seriously she puts her heart and soul into making those little packets for you. That’s “her job”. She carefully snips each white sage leaf from the stem, inspecting it. Neatly folds each paper and places each labels just right.  So if you get one and enjoy it, please mention it in your review.  She giggles like a little school-girl every time someone complements how much they like those little sage packets! :)

As of now, and since I launched my Etsy Shop and in 2013, I’ve been a one-woman shop.  I design, create, pack and ship everything you purchase from Scentual Goddess.  But I’m starting to bust at the seams though, lol.  My vision is to create a lot more for you in the way of informational tools, meditation tracks, and other self-empowerment kits and tools.  So in the near future I am going to start gathering a tribe to help me out with shipping and some other tasks I need to let go of to free up energy to create what I’m feeling called to next.  Stay tuned.  Big things are coming in 2018!

Many blessings to you! Julie