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SACRED SPACE SPRAY - Kokopelli Ceremonial - Meditation Altar Pillow Spray

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Sacred Space Spray is the perfect way to set the tone for your meditation sessions, healing work, or any special rituals or ceremonies you like to do. Kokopelli is featured on the label, playing his ceremonial flute, as a symbol of setting up a Sacred Space.

Safe for use as a spray, room or pillow spray. Lightly mist anywhere you wish to create a Sacred Space for yourself. Great for your altar or meditation space. Can be used to set the tone for healing work with clients too!

This spray intended to be versatile & creative. I make it by hand in small batches using Sandalwood and Dragon's Blood fragrance oils and purified water. Sandalwood is often thought of as one of the most sacred scents around the world. Dragon's Blood has been used to add power to ceremonies and rituals for centuries.

4 oz cobalt plastic spray bottle will last you a long time, even with daily use.

I adorn the bottles with a silver charm and hemp cord. Charms may vary depending on what stock I have on hand - but I like to use a skeleton key as a symbol of unlocking the Sacred Space within you.

Also available in the Sacred Space Gift Set:

Handcrafted and charged with intention by Scentual Goddess