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SACRED SMUDGE CANDLE - Clear Negative Energy from Your Home or Office

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When you simply can't burn sage.....Sacred Smudge Candles & Sprays are a great alternative.
People all over the world burn sage as a way of clearing energy and spirits from a space - this practice is called smudging.  While the traditional method is to burn dried sage leaves -  sometimes it's just not feasible.  People with allergies, sensitivity to the smoke or shared public environments like apartments and offices make burning sage a no-no.  So I developed a liquid spray and a candle version called "Sacred Smudge".

Sacred Smudge is a blend three traditional smudging herbs - Sage, Sweetgrass and Cedar.  It's light, clean and green smelling which is many is more appealing scent-wise and doesn't cause the "burning pot" smell.  Whenever you want to clear the energy in your home or office simply light this convenient Sacred Smudge candle while intending to clear away all negative energy from your home or office.

I use special rituals as I create each batch to infuse them with intention to help you clear your space of unwanted negative energy.  Pair that with your intentions and you've got a powerful smudging tool anytime you need it.
Also available as a set with the Sacred Smudge Candle & Spray

Scent:  Sage, Sweetgrass & Cedar
Color:  Light Green
Size:  6 oz metal tin with lid & safety feet to keep surface cool  (Made in USA)
Contains 100% USA Soy wax
Burn Time:  Approx 40-50 hours