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LIBRA Perfume Oil, Sep 23 - Oct 22, Astrology Horoscope, The Scales Zodiac Symbol

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Libra Zodiac Perfume

1/3 oz roller perfume oil, handmade with coconut oil and fragrance.

About Libra:

Birth dates: September 23 – October 22
Zodiac Symbol: The Scales
Element: Air (Cardinal)
Ruling Planet: Venus
Opposite Sign: Aries

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac. The Scales are the symbol of balance. Libras are known to be quite indecisive, but actually that is a myth. Libra may be slow to reach a decision, but that is because they weigh out all of the possibilities in their mind before reaching any conclusions. Libra is quite charming and social. Librans can also be quite fearful and will run away from an argument or conflict at all costs. Libra is easy to get along with and puts people at ease. Libra is the master of balance in all things.

Libra Perfume Scent: For Libra, I chose a soft balancing blend of lavender and vanilla.  This is my personal favorite perfume right now. Even though I’m a Capricorn, I constantly wear Libra because I just love it so much. It’s soft, clean and comforting. It doesn’t smell like typical lavender scents at all. There’s no harsh floral smell, its more soothing, sexy and intriguing. This is intended for a Libra Woman. If you’re shopping for a Libra Man, contact me and I can put a more masculine blend in for you with the same label.

Great birthday gift for an astrology lover!
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